Maison Property Agency is a fully licensed real estate agency and was established in the beginning of 2012. After Three-year development, the company has become a well-known expatriate real estate consulting company in Shanghai.


The main business of our company consists of three parts, lease of residential properties,
sales of residential properties and lease of offices and commercial premises.
The lease business includes the lease of apartments, villas, old colonial style buildings (built before 1949) and offices.


The business covers all of Shanghai City and the surrounding areas. About 80% of the clients come from Europe and the United States and the remaining 20% are from Asia and Latin America. The sale of properties includes the sales of old colonial style buildings and new villas and apartments.


All Maison Property’s agents are bilingual and have passed an extensive in-house and field training program that is regularly updated in order to provide premium client services.
A major portion of new clients have been referred to Maison Property Agency by previous clients, in party because Maison Property Agency is well known in Shanghai for being flexible and it’s ability to find solutions for various individual preferences.


In addition, with the hard work of the market development department, and the good service of the sales team and the after-sales service department, Maison Property Agency has provided services to more than 30 world famous multi-national companies and government organizations in Shanghai and enjoys an excellent reputation from that.